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23rd May
written by Jay

There is a proper piece of clothing for every occasion. For parties, for job interviews, for playing in the rain, you name it! But… Don’t take your clothes too seriously. While I like to get dressed up, in fact I *LOVE* dressing up, you most likely will see me around the house in a less than stellar-looking outfit. Yeah I know that t-shirt has a hole in it. Also, cargo pants made from parachute material are probably not the hippest thing (especially combined with old cowboy boots). But shoot, I am COMFORTABLE!

Which brings me to my point. You need to dress for comfort. Anyone that tells you otherwise is uptight. Sure, you better not show up for a job interview in ratty jeans and a dirty t-shirt, but if you are just doing groceries, who cares? Dress for comfort first and looks second. If that means that you can’t always have “that look”, oh well. You will feel a hell of a lot better. Those girls in the back row of your history class with the high heels on. Sure they may look fabulous, but they are not going home after school, they will be visiting a podiatrist to take care of the blisters and hammer toes. All while you and your dorky sandals and some of your friends are catching an afternoon movie. And when that’s finished, I’ll come pick you up. Your friends will likely laugh at what I am wearing. I mean parachute pants and cowboy boots have never been in style. But when I give you a hug, you will not have to worry about me crushing the 500 dollar ensemble that you are not wearing. It’s just going to feel good!

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