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7th December
written by Jay

It can happen to all of us, and it can happen so soon. Life catches up with you and you find yourself working, day-caring, trying to make ends meet, hoping to win the rat-race…

As much as writing this for you, I am writing this for all the adults around me (including your Mom and I). Never stop being creative. Never give up the talents that you have and never give up on the joy they bring you.

Play guitar, draw, write, paint… And smile while you do it!

Remember that to be creative, all you need is your mind. Sure that easel and a nice set of oils will help (if you know how to use them — which is another reason to never give up on creativity, it’s a skill that needs fueling) but a 5 ct. pencil and some Post-It notes work just as well. At the moment you are creating master pieces with Disney crayons on an old newspaper. Maybe we’ll keep them and you can smell them when you read this.

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