About Mom & Dad

written by Jay

Your mother is going to say “That should be Mum, not Mom!”

Me and your mother will likely never come to a consensus on that one. What we do however agree upon is that this web site is inspired by a guy named Buck Rogers (yeah, I can’t help it that his name is really Buck Rogers) who blogs about things he wants his daughter to know (but at the present time is probably too young to understand) at: 2024 Rules for my Daughter. Since we have only recently acquired one of these (a daughter that is) ourselves, we thought it a good idea to start documenting these tiny pearls of wisdom (and no missy-moo, there is no debating that one) on a site of our own.

Jay is a Dad living in (for the time being) the US from where he tries to support Gretchen, who is a Mom living in Australia with their daughter Indigo. Mom (yes darling I know you think that should be spelled Mum) gets to change the diapers (which she refers to as Nappies) and Dad gets to hear about it. If you think that arrangement is slightly to the disadvantage of Gretchen, you are probably correct. On the other hand, not being able to hold and love your daughter is slightly to the disadvantage of Jay. So there, we are even!

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