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9th November
written by Jay

Books are wonderful things, you already know that. Bathrooms are , for the most part, very pleasant places. Really, the worse you have to go, the better they become. Right?

So if books are wonderful and bathrooms are pleasant then what better place to read a book? Your dad is a big proponent of reading in the bathroom. Sure it takes a while for that toilet seat to reach a comfortable temperature, but once it does… Bliss! There is no better place to read. Full stop.

There is however a slight problem with bathrooms and books. You see, activities that are traditionally performed in bathrooms have a common denominator. That thing is… Water! There is a good reason that bathrooms are designed the way they are. Bathrooms are made to withstand the onslaught that is moisture (I hate that word). Lack of carpet, high gloss paint, tiles… Books on the other hand are made of a material (paper) that is anything but impervious to water in all its forms generally found in the one room in the house where it’s OK to splish and splash.

So while reading in the bathroom is a very relaxing past time, if you forget your book in the bathroom after you are done…

DISASTER! There is nothing worse than to try turning a soppy wet page stuck to another one. Even if, in between showers, your book has enough time to recuperate to its fully dry state, your book (that you love so much) will have curled pages. Yuk! Reading in the bathroom, fine… Just don’t leave your reading material sitting around.

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