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17th February
written by Jay

Some people will tell you that if there is ever a question, you should pee now. Holding it up will lead to accidents. While in general that is true, please know that the kind of people that say that, aren’t really in it for your benefit. You see, when adults ask you if you need to go to the bathroom, what they are really asking is: If you piss on the backseat of my car, can I get away with claiming it wasn’t my fault?

If your mom asks you if you have to go, and you don’t there is no use faking it. Mom just wants to know that she did everything she could to prevent you from emptying your bladder on daddy’s back seat.

The truth is… You don’t know know that you have to go in 11 minutes… Also, peeing “just because”  will make you weak.  People that go just because the next rest stop/gas station/ grassy knoll is not until another hour or three will suffer the consequences… Incontinence happens to those that pee because they had the opportunity,  not because they had to go! You are a girl, do your Kegels and know there is always a grassy spot somewhere along your trip!

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